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Werewolf [Dec. 27th, 2006|10:41 pm]
Erotic Writers Anonymous


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Section the seventh. A lil more horniness to follow. Not as much. More powerplay than anything.

Suspension of disbelief: werewolves that don't have inbetween morph stages, Up State New York (yes, it does exist, namely, a village is where two roads intersect and houses were build around the bar and gas station that was put at the intersection)

Lookin help with power. I want it very clear the new guy is doing dominance games to show off strength/prowess.

Pages: About 5 at 12p Times New Roman.

Nalani drove the truck towards the crime scene with a deep feeling of relief. Taking the boys to the police station had been quite a journey. When they’d first gotten out of their furs they were quiet and not very mobile. She felt quite certain that had been their first experience on two legs for all of them.
The kids had been piled into the car, each grasping their fur in their hands like security blankets. She’d gotten them clothes at the local thrift store, with a few odd looks from the manager, but no questions asked. She knew rumors would start up though. An unmarried cop didn’t buy baby’s clothes without good reason.
While she dressed them Sasha had run off to retrieve his bag. He’d come back an hour later and gotten changed. By the time he had himself dressed, Arthur had already figured out how to undress himself, and was swiftly showing Walt the same.
She didn’t have children’s seats, so she had to settle the boys in the back seat of her cab and drive slowly. The trip there had been nerve wracking, especially with Sasha constantly asking questions, what to expect, was his story going to work, what would he do if they took the boys away, what would they do if the boys started chewing on people.
The officers had been wonderful. The chief personally took Sasha’s story while the rest of the desk-jobs and the “secretary” played with the kids, which was a blessing in and of itself. They had cried for a full five minutes when Sasha disappeared and they were in an unknown place. Even her holding them couldn’t soothe them. Luckily Mrs. Coleman had had toddlers and brought out old coloring books and crayons for them.
She didn’t know what to make of children who had never seen these things before, and had some trouble showing them that crayons were for coloring, and not sticks for chewing, but they figured it out quickly enough. Nalani had maybe ten minutes of silent drawing before Walt decided to start exploring and the next hour was spent playing hide and seek with the officers.
When it came time for Nalani to exchange places with Sasha for her story, she flinched at the crying that greeted him. Poor guy had to deal with the boys missing her now. Oh boy.
The questions were what she expected: Yes, she found them in the woods behind her house. Yes, she examined the area and found no evidence of foul play. No, she didn’t know the boys, and hadn’t heard of any missing from the neighboring villages. No, there weren’t any reports in yet. Yes, she had already sent notification in through the proper channels. No, she didn’t want to call the nearest foster families. Yes, she knew if she did, they would be separated. Yes, she had offered her place for them to stay for the time being. Sure, she’d love some old hand-me-downs and toys. No, she wasn’t planning on taking any more time off. Yes, she’d left Cheveyo at home because the truck was too full as it was. Oh, and she was going back up again to search the parameter. No, she wasn’t aware that the other two K-9s had already gone over the area. No, she didn’t really expect to find anything new. On and on.
When she’d finally left Coleman’s office, she felt like she’d been put through the ringer. Sasha’s face was a bit pale when she came out; no wonder.
Arthur and Walt both had their clothes off and were running about. Nalani gaped. So much for the quiet kids who couldn’t stand for very long back at home. Liam crawled out from under a desk and tugged at her pants uniform. She picked him up and settled him on her hip. Sasha looked at loss. He had a pair of pants in one hand, a shoe in the other. Another officer came up with a soaked shirt. She didn’t want to ask how it got to be that way.
With help from the other officers she wrangled the boys together and got their clothes back on them.
“We’ll be home in a little bit,” she whispered to them as she tied their shoes. The miniature laces seemed to defy any attempt at knots. “Then you can run around all you want. Okay?”
She glanced up at Arthur. Yup. Definitely the Alpha.
Once she got them home they all worked to get their clothes off and their furs back on. The boys were restless, making smoothing the pelts over them difficult.
Pups again, they ran into the yard to tumble over one another. They ran for a full twenty minutes before exhaustion finally seemed to take hold. Sasha helped her settle them back onto the makeshift pallet before he stripped as well.
He looked weary as he pulled off his clothes, the fact that he did so without apparent knowledge of her presence served to reinforce it. He walked into the kitchen nude, while she stayed in the living room. He came back as a wolf. He sat next to her feet and leaned against her leg. She stroked his ear gently.
She retrieved her fur, her nose pinched from the smell she hadn’t cleaned from it yet, and tossed it into the back seat. Sasha took the front and she pulled into gear.
The drive was much the same. Sasha eventually curled up, his chin on her lap, as she drove.
“Well, I wasn’t the one to pick up three boys.” She rubbed his head absently.
“Once we get up the trail some, I’ll join you and we can do some serious sniffing. If you want, I can show you how to look for the marks up on the trees.”
She felt him nod against her thigh. She smiled.
At the site she put a collar onto him before letting him hop out of the truck. She tucked her fur into her spare coat and walked up to the yellow tape. One of the older officers, Ryan Harrison, was watching over the spot. She explained things quickly, he smiled and held the tape for her. She tapped her palm against her hip for Sasha to follow before walking around the exterior of the building. She went straight out from the west side of the building, which eventually pointed to the marks she’d seen earlier. It looked little more than a scrape about the size of her outstretched hand, a little higher than she stood tall. The were who made them had to be big.
She stripped out of her clothes and shivered in the cold. Before she put on her fur, she took off Sasha’s collar, so it wouldn’t get caught on anything.
Back on all fours, she could smell the stink of the cave all over her again. She rolled in a patch of dead grass to try and get some of the smell off. It helped, but not enough.
Sasha bumped up against her and rubbed his cheek next to hers. She pressed her face against his neck for a moment, then turned back to the mark. On her back paws she could only just reach the mark on the tree. If she wanted to make one, it would be several inches lower. She sniffed it, then motioned Sasha to do the same.
Eyes closed, she pulled the sent through her nose and over her tongue. She could taste the male the sent belonged to. Older, healthy. She glanced at Sasha. He was doing the same. His eyes flashed open, glancing at her. She nodded. Maybe he was finally getting what those scent signals were.
She pushed off of the tree and scented the air. The marking had been scratched into that tree recently, after the woman had been put in the meat locker. Maybe whoever had made it knew something of what was going on. Then again, maybe whoever made the marking had killed her.
Ug. I forgot to ask if they’d found anything on her. Oh well. Time enough for that next shift.
She started following the stronger edge of the scent. It led the two of them deeper into the forest.
The scent abruptly became pungent with the scent of many weres. The fur along Nalani’s neck bristled. She chanced a glance at Sasha. He, too, was on alert.
Just as she started to shake off the cape of her fur to change and speak with him, several large wolves came out of the depths.
One big dark grey one stepped forward. She recognized his smell from the markings immediately. Her fur bristled, causing her to poof out all over with anxiety. The stranger laid his head side-to-side with hers. She could hear him draw in the scent from right behind her ear, drawing in all the chemicals she had to offer. She sniffed him in return, but couldn’t gather any more information than what she could from the markings.
Charlie had told her that a werewolf born and bred could scent many more things than she would ever be aware of. She might have his pelt, his abilities, now, but she could never process it as a were could. Without growing up with those abilities, she could never understand what those subtle nuances meant.
The werewolf blew out and rubbed his shoulder down her side as he walked past her. She was very conscious of the long, sleek press of his body. Nalani shivered at the obvious show of power. He felt no threat from her, otherwise he wouldn’t show her his back, and she got the distinct feeling he had more than a passing interest in her for other things. Pheromones, some part of her said.
Sasha growled quietly as the big male passed him. The werewolf sniffed him with nothing near the attention he had shown her.
He let out a short quiet bark that startled Nalani. Ten more wolves melted out of the forest, then out of their furs. He bowed his head to her slightly before doing the same.
The man that came out of the pelt was indeed big. His skin was pale, like everyone else standing in the circle, making her feel like the odd-were-out once again. His hair was dark, with a distinguished streak of grey and a bit of salt and pepper at the temples and sideburns. He probably outweighed her by a good seventy-five pounds and would tower over her by at least six inches. He wasn’t rock hard, but he didn’t look pregnant either. He carried himself with quiet leadership; his hands resting on his hips, his feet shoulder width apart, ready for anything. Her eyes darted down a moment, then back up to his crystal blue eyes. He gave her a dominant smirk that men had used on women since time immemorial. He had reason to.
Shit, talk about likely suspects. They lived right behind the murder scene, the woman had been butchered, and they’d found nothing outside of the shack. Who better to sniff out any left-over bits than a nose stronger than the police dogs?
Nalani gritted her teeth. She had to change out of her fur. Not like she had any choice if she wanted to talk to him, but he had her worried. She never liked being out numbered.
She sat back, removed her fur, then stood. The cold suddenly whipped around her bare skin again. She shivered and looked to Sasha. He looked uncertain for a moment before following suit.
Charlie’d never had the opportunity to teach her proper greetings or all the rules of etiquette, though she sensed there was something she should be doing.
“Let’s search elsewhere,” Sasha whispered.
“We need to at least ask.”
“Who are you, pack of gifted pelts?”
Nalani refused to blush, but she felt the warmth radiating from Sasha’s skin. She drew Charlie’s pelt tight around her shoulders to keep the cold out. Damn her southern blood.
“I am Nalani Tahe.”
“Who’s pelt do you wear?”
“My former partner. He took a bullet intended for me and died so I might live. He wished me to keep it, so that he could continue to protect me through it.”
The man nodded sagely, and then turned to Sasha.
“Alexander Swanson. I found mine wrapped around three starving pups in the woods.”
There was a hushed murmur at his words.
“And you are?” Nalani prompted.
“Tristan Holloway. Born to the pelt.”
“Excuse me,” Sasha said. “But has your pack lost any pups?”
Nalani tensed. Considering the naked nature off all the people present, she was very aware that there were more men than women, and those women who were there were either too young, too old, or very obviously not ever pregnant. Oh, and the fact that she’d just seen them all as wolves. None of this pack were missing their pelt. This wasn’t his pups’ pack.
“This pack hasn’t had children in many years. Our female Alpha died in labor years ago. I await one strong enough to take the position again.”
She felt that shiver go up her spine again. It had certainly been a long while since anyone looked at her like that. Back in her village, she was a cop. In her county, she was a cop. Those who weren’t scared away by her badge were usually intimidated by her… dominant nature. She didn’t take shit, and she had no problem standing up to someone. She might not know this man, but it was certainly a compliment that he wasn’t overwhelmed by her. Then again, she wasn’t wearing her badge, baton, belt and gun. That and being completely naked, save Charlie’s pelt, put her on the less equal side of the equation for once.
“Alexander found three pups a little over a month ago. I suspect that the mother was a solo, who left her pelt with them and was unable to return. He watched over them until he couldn’t wait for her any longer. We’re trying to find her, or her pack. Do you know of any females who wore that pelt?”
Tristan shook his head. “None of us has seen the like of her. If we find any information…?”
“You should take it to the police.”
He frowned.
“I’m with the K-9 unit.”
His laughter was a booming that silenced the rest of the forest. The rest of his pack laughed in quieter compliment.
“That’s rich. Do they put a collar on you and take you out for walks?”
“No, I put a collar on him.” She thumbed at Sasha. It started the laughter up again, but stronger.
She shrugged. She felt bad that they laughed at him, but it was true.
Tristan stepped up close enough that she could feel the heat radiating from him. She felt uncomfortable having to tilt her head up that much to meet his eyes.
“So, the pup has asked his question. Now what is it you wish that has brought you up my mountain?”
His voice was a deep rumble that vibrated through her ribcage. She swallowed.
“Nalani.” Sasha’s small voice was a squeak of warning. He was frightened for her. He should be. This man could kill. She could smell it on him now. Old death; old blood along with the scent of a fresh kill. She and Sasha had interrupted their hunt. He had had his fill, the others had not. It made Tristan calm and languid, while the others whined quietly. His pack wasn’t completely healthy. Something was wrong, and she couldn’t scent it out.
She drew in a deep breath. Her sense of smell was nothing compared to when she had the fur on, but even as a human she could still smell some things. She closed her eyes and tried to taste his scent. It was harder, much harder. Her nostrils flared; she took in as much of his scent, his pack’s essence, as she took in a lungful. She’d concentrated so hard on that small bit that she hadn’t felt him step closer until he’d enveloped her in his warm, large arms.
His lips bent to her ear.
“You are no solitary, and he is not your mate.” He brushed his lower lip against the sensitive skin there. Her breath shuddered at the feel.
“You would be more than welcome here, love. We will keep you warm and welcome. Name what you would like, and you shall have your place by my side.”
She took a deep quivering breath.
“I am investigating the butchering of a woman.”
“Oh? And how was this woman of yours ‘butchered,’ hm?”
Nalani stifled a shudder at the purr of his voice.
“She was killed, skinned, and gutted like a deer to be preserved for later. You are the closest predators. You stink of death.”
She opened her eyes as he released her and stepped back. He growled, quietly. Many of his pack followed suit. She still couldn’t place what was wrong, because the smell of death wasn’t it. She felt like it should be obvious, but it wasn’t. Some part of her mind could sense it, but she couldn’t understand it. She didn’t have words for what she felt.
She shivered without the big man’s heat. She welcomed the wind. It cleared her mind. Definitely pheromones.
“If we’d murder someone, do you think we’d leave a body for you to find?”
“So, you admit that you, your pack, could kill a human?”
“You might be weres, but you are not of our pack. If we find either of you in our territory again, you will be killed. Regardless of what you are.”
“If I’m in your territory again, it will be with guns and the whole station at my back.”
He snorted and turned his back on her. She sniffed. She would not be so stupid as to show her back to him while he stood in plain sight.
His pack transformed and disappeared the way they’d come.
“We’d better run,” Nalani suggested. Sasha nodded, halfway to having his fur on already. Smart man.
She changed quickly. Sasha at her side. She nodded to him before dashing off back towards the crime scene. Now she had a set of suspects. Too bad these weren’t the kind she could tell to the Coleman. If she did, she’d have to explain far too much.
She glanced at her companion and hoped, for just a moment, that he would stay. Until this is over, she amended.