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erowritersanon's Journal

Erotic Writers Anonymous
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This is intended to be an open, warm, and reassuring community of writers. We are EWA not because we have to be Erotic, but the potential is always there, so feel free to send it in! You will see short stories, poems, and chapters of novels from the up and coming within. All we ask that that you read, be thoughtful, be critical, and be kind!

If you wish to join, please e-mail TK at TheoKArcher@yahoo.com with either a writing sample or a sample of a review (it can even be of a previous posting!)

When you're ready to post, give a brief history, if need be, let us know what stage it is, and put it behind an lj-cut to keep the archives clean. Also remember to use a "tag" on your entry so that people flipping through the archives can find things. If it’s a chapter, an addition, or a clean up of something you've previously posted, please link to the previous iteration so everyone can read you're full potential. Don’t be afraid to post something that’s still “quite rough” or where you know something is wrong, but you need another eye on it. That’s what EWA is here for!

While Erotic is right in the title, a moment needs to be spent on the topic of acceptable themes. Your writing need not be erotic if you want to post here. On the other hand, we also ask for openness for any who wish to do so. This community is open to alternative life-styles and all the creatively that stems from them. However, we ask that if sexual activities occur, that all participating members are of the age of consent.

If you wish to write a review, but don’t know where to start, try given an idea of how you reacted to the piece (e.g. I Loved it! I hated it!) but then come up with three things you think need improving, and three things you think are strong, and why for each.

Good luck writers! May the keyboard be with you!